Some of us who have the habit of listening to the radio or our grandparents might be knowing this famous personality named Don Imus. Don Imus the legendary yet the controversial radio personality has recently died according to a family spokesperson. Imus the legend died last Friday at a hospital in the College Station located in Texas after he was had been admitted to Christmas Evening. The cause of his death is still unknown to the whole world at this time but it will be known soon.

The cowboy hat-wearing shock Jock’s death comes less than two years after he retired. The legend’s final day on the “Imus in the Morning” radio program was on March 29th last year. He announced his retirement via Twitter in January 2018.


The man hosted the radio show for almost fifty years and he was inducted into the National Radio Hall Of Fame back in the year 1989. His radio career began in the very late ’60s and he started his morning show in the year 1971 at WNBC in New York City. Over the years that he has worked, the man became very popular for pushing boundaries on the air but he was also known for making comments considered racist, misogynistic and xenophobic as well.

Because of these things Don faced many lawsuits and accusations of defamatory speeches that he used to give and he had a well-known rivalry with the fellow shock-Jock Howard Stern. In the year 2007 Imus made so many headlines for his offensive remarks and about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team, to whom he referred to as “Nappy-headed” and some more words.

The man was then fired by the CBS shortly afterward, but then again he made a return to the radio and TV too later in that same year. He then started with so many drugs and was sent to rehab in the year 1987. He suffered so many health problems due to drug overdose. When he died he was seventy-nine years old and now rest in peace legend.