Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Is It Cancelled?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Domestic Girlfriend or Domestic Na Kanojo is a Japanese anime series that was initially released on 12 January 2019. Based on the popular manga series that shares the same name, which was once everyone’s favorite manga to read. Romantic by nature, Domestic Girlfriend series follows the life of Natsuo Fuji, a 17-year old teenage boy who is immensely in love with his teacher. Recently, the viewers of the series started to demand for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2. 

Written and illustrated by Kei Sasuga, Domestic Girlfriend’s manga was published in 2014. It took 5 years for Sentai filmworks to work on this anime series and release it for the viewers. As soon as it happened, fans were fast enough to watch the anime series.


The story portrays friendship, Love, and relationships can be disturbing yet beautiful by nature. Although we have always been obsessed with Romantic shows, Domestic Girlfriend holds some different spots in the viewer’s heart. 

Fans of Domestic Girlfriend have loved the show to their heart and that’s the reason why they can’t be getting over with season 2. Having another season for your favorite anime series seems like a perfect dream but will it be fulfilled? Will there be Domestic Girlfriend Season 2? 

One can wonder about these questions and stick to different platforms in order to seek the information. So you are here, I’ll make sure to provide genuine information. Continue your hunting about Domestic Girlfriend and its season 2 in the next section. 

Domestic Girlfriend: What is it About?

Domestic girlfriend Season 2

Natsuo Fujii, a teenage boy who is following his high school life, and everything seem pretty normal until he falls for his teacher. Kei Sasuga put the story for the first time in a manga series. When the manga was released, it became a popular romantic novel that has a fantasy to be read about. Sentai Filmworks soon took the manga and released the anime series for readers.

In 2019, the anime series was firstly introduced for the readers and as it happens, a large number of audiences have been attracted towards the anime. We have already witnessed how the anime series increase the viewership of the anime and even make a great impact on it.

No one would have ever thought of Domestic Girlfriend to get this popularity but as the anime was released, we saw another excellence in the complicated story. 

From the friendship, love triangle, and relationship issue, we grew together and found how complicated one’s story could get. After the season ended, it was pretty genuine for the creators to end the story endly, However, there are enough sources that can be taken for another season. 

The God of High School being released, fans have been speculating if Crunchyroll will extend it and still show the story of the High school drama. While anime series are often referenced to Japan, there is no doubt that other countries are also experimenting with their skills in this Zone. in the fight South Korea has been the number one runner-up as their webtoon are amazing and already popular. With that being said, Will, there be any possibility of The God of High School Season 2 happening?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: What will be the plot?

Domestic girlfriend Season 2

Following the story of a teenage boy, Natsuo Fuji, an ardent novelist who has been living his amazing fictional life. As the story continues, we see that he falls in love with his teacher, Hina Tachibana. 

The storyline has been diverting by nature and one couldn’t think but love it’s amazing balance in fantasy and romance. Things got chaotic when Natuso finds out that he isn’t a virgin anymore, One of the inside nights, he got with Rui and their relationship builds up. 

However, he was still in love with his teacher. But things got turned out after he finds out that Rui is the little sister of Hina Tachibana. The story gets into the love triangle and well that’s what we crave. 

If there would be another season, we would like to explore the journey of Natsuo more. It would be really amazing if the show would be stating more about her life and career. The high school there might be captivating but it would also mean a lot if the show makers could extend the show for more episodes.

While the story seems pretty well ended, another season would just add more support and love to them. 

With the first season ending on a major cliffhanger, there were already suspicions that the studio would release another season. As I am highly doubtful on this topic but as the fans have already been on the run, the sensitive topic begins to pull up every year. With the show being famous, there are pretty chances that it would have another season. Without much delay, here is everything you need to know about Tokyo Raven Season 2

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: It is Happening?

Domestic girlfriend Season 2

The first season was released in 2019 and ended in the same year. The story becomes interesting as we move forward with the episodes and there were definitely a lot of things to be considered. The first and foremost is the nature of the anime. Romantic anime series has always been a perfect entertainment mode.

When Domestic girlfriend was released, many people were added to the fandom. The reports suggested that after the anime was released more than 1 million people have purchased the manga series, The manga sales have directly proportional to the release of the anime series. 

So far, Domestic girlfriends have sold more than 4 Million copies, such a huge number won’t be neglected by the studio itself. If there will be another season, it would just favor the popularity of the anime. 

As we know, Domestic girlfriend is based on the manga series. The manga contains 28 volumes whereas the anime only features five volumes. Seeing this, we can assume that there are still a lot of things left to uncover. Secondly, the available source material is enough for the showrunners to direct another season. 

As the author has already seen the rise in sales and along with it, his popularity significantly increased. We can see that she will be experimenting more with his own skills. 

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Is it Cancelled?

Domestic girlfriend Season 2 updates

There is no official confirmation that makes us believe about the future possibility of Domestic girlfriend Season 2. The audience is super concerned about their anime’s future but the studio is not. 

Kei Sasuga, the author of the manga, has recently confirmed the future of the series. When a fan of the anime asked about the Domestic girlfriend Season 2, she clearly denies it by saying that she will not be indulging in any Season 2.

As they said that, It was like a bow that hit the fans straight to their chest. Everyone was expecting Season 2 of the romantic anime series but as the writer has just announced this, I think that there will be nothing. 

After the comment, Domestic girlfriend Season 2 seems to be an impossible task. The possibility of getting another season is low.

Even more, there are no official updates since 2019 which would make us believe in Season 2. Despite the show’s amazing sales and popularity all around the globe, Domestic girlfriend Season 2 is not returning back.