Doctor Who’s Season 12 is the Best Season till now. Find out How and What is there for Season 13?


When you were watching the Season 12, would you realize that the show has given us ample amount of surprises? 

True actually!! The series has given fans its best season in years. Season 12 of the string was comprised of 10-episode. And unexpectedly in it, they bring a perfect mix of old and new, and of episodic and serialized stories. 

Doctor Who Season 12: Excitement created by this season

Doctor Who hit the list of every binge-watcher with its two-part season premiere, “Spyfall.” Not only this. with it, it brings Sacha Dhawan’s Master which left fans surprised beyond belief. His charm and the classic version of villain lest everyone wanting more from the show. 

In the previous seasons, we have witnessed that the show has many ups and downs. With the arrival of this season, things grew better. The episodes delivered some best out of the best classic things, twists and adventures. 

Oh! How can we forget about the introduction of another version of the Doctor? This version got the attention of views due to the arrival of uber-cool Jo Martin. 

Her introduction changed the scope of the entire series and made things all the more mysterious at the season’s halfway point.

The Doctor is a Timeless Child. She is not who we think she is — she is far older, and she comes from a universe or a dimension that fans know nothing about. 

Doctor Who’s Season 13: What will be there in the next season? 

Season 12 of the show has done one thing clear that the Doctor is a more fully-realized character. From all of this, we have a clear idea that there is no one else in the entire universe like her. 

In this season Jodie Whittaker showcased her incredible range, one the same time making us realize that she is an immortal Time Lord.

According to the sources, as the makers have introduced many old faces in recent episodes, there are chances that the story may bring back familiar faces. 

Fans are very excited about the next discharge. Couldn’t wait for more right !!

So, The ongoing season’s next episode, “Revolution of the Daleks,” will air this holiday season. All the previous 11 seasons will stream on HBO Max later this year.


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