Doctor Who: Will McGann, Eccleston and Tennant Doctors will unite for massive new time story

Will McGann, Eccleston and Tennant Doctors will unite for massive new time story

Doctor Who: McGann, Eccleston and Tennant Doctors Unite For Massive new time lord story. The eighth, ninth and tenth doctors as well as Rose Tyler will star in massive Doctor Who story, which will be told across multiple mediums. Titled “Time Lord Victorious”, the story will be released across 12 weeks and every possible media platform apart from the main Doctor Who television series.

The show is the longest-running science fiction show in television history. Doctor Who has been adapted into virtually every form of media one might name. The show has inspired spin-off novels, comic books, video games, role-playing games, augmented reality experience and a popular series of radio plays among the other things.

Yet there has never been a massive attempt to tell a linked Doctor Who story utilizing multiple mediums on this scale before now.

Doctor Who: Will McGann, Eccleston and Tennant Doctors

Doctor Who

One popular theory is the story will centre around a new Time War being waged by a corrupted version of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, who dubbed himself with the title of the Time Lord Victorious when he realized there was nothing stopping him from using his power as the Last of the Time Lords to act as a virtual god, literally deciding who lived and who died.

While this moment of arrogance was short-lived, the hubris did eventually lead to the Tenth Doctor’s death and regeneration.

And another big question is if Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Billie Piper will be involved in this new Doctor Who projects beyond offering up their likeliness for the poster, in which we see an angry Tennant can be seen in their formal robes of a Time Lord.

While nothing has been said one way or the other about which actors are involved in the project, it seems that Doctor Who’s Time Lord Victorious would be worthy return vehicle for Eccleston’s ninth doctor.


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