Doctor Who Season 13 Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh Could Leave the Main Cast

Some resources reported that Bradley and Tosin could potentially leave Doctor Who after the holiday special later this year. The show just aired its season 12 finale with an episode that has left many fans divided.

Not only did the finale challenge what fans know about the Doctor going back to the classic version of the show, but it also had many wondering where the series could go next.

This season of the show left many of the fans shocked and surprised, with some being outraged. Although there is still some pushback against the doctor now being a woman for the first time, and some fans were even shocked when season 12 introduced a second version of the Doctor as a black woman, another first, in the form of Jo Martin.

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One of the most important questions, though, is about the Doctor’s companions. What will happen to Yaz, Graham, and Ryan?

According to the radio times, a new source could potentially have an answer for that and it is one that might disappoint some fans of the series. It seems that both Walsh and Cole could exit the show, possibly meaning that their last episode would be the New Year’s Day special, Revolution of The Daleks.

Earlier this year rumors about Tosin’s exit from Doctor Who surfaced after he took a role with a US Tv Series. Walsh has previously expressed concerns about the grueling schedule of balancing his work on Doctor Who with his other television commitments.

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The fans can rest be assured, though, that Gill seems to be in it for the long haul. She has continued to speak about how much she loves the show, and also her character seems far more interested in the Doctor’s ongoing adventures. Well, let us hope for the best for the entire team and wish them luck.

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