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Doctor Who Season 12 BBC Reacts on the Controversy Raised by the Portrayal of Mental Health

Web series and movies have always depicted the happenings around us. From the devastation created by technology to the desirable fashion world, they put light on things that sometimes remain hidden from our sight during our day to day working.

One of them is Mental Health. It is one of the concerns increasing slowly but surely.

At this moment in time, Season 12 of Doctor Who turns the spotlight on mental health. The latest episode seven of the string by showrunner Chris Chibnall highlighted What are mental health and our general inability to cope with it.

The reaction of fans on concerning Mental Health

Some of the fans are very happy and praised the steps of writers Chibnall and Charlene James for putting their words on such an important and concerning issue.

On the other hand, some are disappointed in the depiction of human’s internal struggles.

Season 12 of Doctor Who where Graham opens up to his Doctor

The episode seven of Season 12 named ‘Can You Hear Me’ portrays a scene in which Cancer survivor Graham opens up to his Doctor.

In it, he talked about his medical anxieties. The dialogue read “I didn’t know who to say it to, so I thought I’d say it to you.”

As a true friend, The Time Lord listens to him. Her concern for her friend is visible, as she let him express himself.

After an awkward pause, she asserts: “I should say a reassuring thing now, shouldn’t I?”

Graham continues “I’m still quite socially awkward, So I’m just going to subtly walk towards the console and look at something. And then, in a minute, I’ll think of something that I should’ve said that might’ve been helpful.”

Doctor Who Season 12: Production with UK mental health charity

Somehow the moment did not serve the intention that is meant to be.

It perhaps intended as a commentary on the fact that not all conversations about your emotions are easy.

To bring perfection in, the production team worked with UK mental health charity ‘Mind’. But still, the total mark is missed and the episode is criticized.

An official statement released by BBC

Facing the criticism and complaints repeatedly, the BBC released an official statement. The statement reads We never set out to upset our viewers with what we show and this episode tackled some sensitive themes.

“When Graham opened up to the Doctor about his fear of his cancer returning, her response was never meant to be dismissive.

The Doctor’s friend was scared, and we see her struggling to deal with the severity of the situation.

The scene intended to acknowledge how hard it can be to deal with conversations on this subject matter.

When faced with these situations, people don’t always have the right words to say at the right time, and this can often lead to feelings of guilt.

By showing the Doctor struggling to find the right words, the intention was to sympathize with all those who may have found themselves in a similar position.”

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