Doctor who new season is coming out!! It has a very interesting name ‘Time lord Victorious’ Here are all the details!!

“Doctor Who” Time Lord Victorious - EveryD etails

Doctor Who – Timelord Victorious has been announced by BBC Studios which is a new Doctor Who multi-platform. It is featuring Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors. Fans are very much excited about it. It will be released in September on every virtual medium. It will not be released on TV. The fight is going to happen between the doctors and the terrible race” during the “Dark Times” of the universe’s beginning.



The news report has made fans very much excited. A multi-doctor story is always fun to watch. There are chances that Christopher Eccleston will return to the role of the Ninth Doctor for the first time since 2005. Fans are thrilled with anticipation after listening to this news.

There is no news about the other returning monsters and characters of the series. 

There are many companies holding the licence of creating Doctor Who such as Penguin Random House, Titan Comics, Doctor Who Magazine, BBC Books, BBC Audio, Big Finish Productions, Maze Theory, Escape Hunt, Immersive Everywhere, and Eaglemoss Hero Collectors. These all will come to tell the story of Doctor Who at all the viewing mediums

All the companies coming together and making a project have never been done before. Fans are excited about the project.

There is one project recently announced by Disney 

Star Wars: The High Republic is similar in many respects but it also doesn’t contain that many companies. 

If you have watched Doctor Who, you know that this is the longest-running television series.

Details about the Title

The name Time Lord Victorious of the new season is something to look upon. This phrase Time Lord Victorious first used in the 2009 special episode “The Waters of Mars.” In that, the tenth doctor encounters the fixed point in time in 2059. This fixed point in time will motivate mankind to spread out into the universe and colonize and investigate the world. In any case, on this occasion, the “fixed point” is the passing of a whole group of space travellers set for Mars.

The doctor tries to leave a preserved history but ultimately saves the crew life and becomes the phrase “Time Lord Victorious”. The phrase generally means that the man who never loses, and can do whatever he likes, no matter the cost to the time stream.

This episode The Waters of Mars is favourite of all the fans and making the famous phrase a title will obviously drive fan speculation into a frenzy.

The fans are waiting for more information. More details are set to come on BBC Studios as till now, very little is known to us. Till then watch the other season of the series. 

Happy Watching!!