Doctor Who: All About The Season 12 Finale


The two-part season 12 finale of Doctor Who began with the episode “Ascension of the Cybermen” and concluded with “The Timeless Children” and left us with some interesting questions to think.

During season 12 episodes 1 and 2 of Doctor Who, the Master operates an alien species called the Kasaavin. 

One of the Kasaavin tells the Doctor that the human form amuses them. While they are working with the Master and a human named Daniel Barton to take control over the universe, the Kasaavin end up turning against Master.

The Master would likely be able to maneuver his way out of tricky situations, especially when he has an evil plan.

Where is the Thirteenth Doctor?

During the last episode, it is revealed that the 13th Doctor is the Timeless Child. 

She is a child who was found by a native Gallifreyan named Tecteun. Tecteun liked to explore the universe and on a deserted planet, she found a child. 

After a tragic incident, the Timeless Child was the first to revive Gallifrey. Tecteun then began to investigate the child, wanting to find the secret to regeneration.

After a lot of experimenting, Tecteun thought she’d cracked the code of regeneration. 

Tecteun transformed into a male and lead his people into a new era and gave regeneration power to all in the Citadel of Gallifrey (Time Lords). 

It means that the Doctor is not from Gallifrey.

So who and where is she from? This question is difficult to answer.

The Doctor may be from the deserted planet where Tecteun discovered the child.

Also take note that since the Judoon turned out to be serving with Time Lords to find the Doctor in “Fugitive of the Judoon,” they might have at one point demoted the defenses to the Doctor’s TARDIS themselves.