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Doctor Strange 2 Expected Release Date, [CAST], Plot, director and other detail


Doctor Strange 2 aka Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is happening, despite the flickering moment in which The Supreme Sorcerer seemed to be no longer for this planet.

(Yes, we’re talking about Infinity War’s shocking closing sequence) we knew he’d return. And of course, Avengers: Endgame brought back not just Doctor Strange, but also the other snapped personalities we mourned.


Fast forward to summer 2019, and Doctor Strange 2 was verified as part of Phase 4 at Comic-Con with a seriously trippy title. Say hello to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Here is everything you want to know ahead of the sequel, and also what it implies for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date:

For the time being, the sequel has a brand new release date of November 5, 2021, making it the fourth movie of Phase 4.

Cumberbatch’s co-star Benedict Wong had stated that he considers the movie will start filming 2020 and, according to Variety, the strategy was to begin production in May 2020.

This was temporarily thrown into limbo, and not merely since manager Scott Derrickson left the sequel over “creative differences”, but the overall state of the world.

But, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness pre-production is set to stay on schedule, and the movie is still planning to start filming in June (through Variety).

Derrickson stays on board as an executive producer and he wrote on Twitter: “Marvel and I have mutually agreed to part ways on Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness due to creative differences. I’m thankful for our collaboration and will remain on as EP.”

He had shared his frustration at scheduled release dates, calling them the “enemy of artwork”. We do not know whether that was targeted at an overall stage or the sequel, but it is going to certainly be read in a different light now.

But fret not, OG Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is shooting over from Derrickson (that gives his approval!) To direct Doctor Strange from the Multiverse of Madness. In actuality, Raimi affirmed his new post as manager before it had been formally supported by Marvel.

Doctor Strange 2 Cast: Who will be in Doctor Strange at Madness’ Multiverse?

There has only been one Benedict supported for the sequel thus far (Benedict Cumberbatch, obviously), but we would be amazed if Benedict Wong were not back too, especially as he has been talking about filming.

At the intriguing announcement at Comic-Con, Elizabeth Olsen will be appearing in the film since Scarlet Witch, a part of the sequel’s guide ties to the Disney+ series WandaVision.

We anticipate Chiwetel Ejiofor to flip up, even if Mordo isn’t the major antagonist of the movie, although that is about as much as we know for confirmed throw. The storyline synopsis essentially confirms it.

The main theories are that he will return as a reluctant ally of Doctor Strange (particularly if Scarlet Witch proves to be the’insanity’ that is producing the multiverse in the first place), or he’ll be a secondary antagonist to Nightmare, as most superhero films have several baddies.

Talking of Nightmare, there had been rumours circulating that Eva Green was cast as the protagonist, but the celebrity dashed those saying: “Me? No! Not that I am aware of. Not at all.” (through Total Film).

Many presumed Rachel McAdams would likely be back as Strange’s sort-of love-interest Christine Palmer, but reports now claim she will not reprise the role.

This makes sense given the rumours that she can be substituted as Stephen Strange’s love interest by Clea, a female sorceress with a long-running history with Strange in the comic books.

What with all the Time Stone’s devastation in Endgame, if she had been to make her MCU debut in the picture, she would be the key to restoring the stream of time, or even offer a link between the Quantum Realm and the Dark Dimension.

If Dormammu shows up 14, the Mystic Master will need the help.

Before his departure, fans assumed that Derrickson was teasing the birth of Marvel Comics antihero Namor that the Sub-Mariner in the sequel, simply to delete the tweet and also indicate that everyone got the wrong idea.

That said, since Endgame indicated the Aquaman of this MCU may appear at some stage later on, you can’t know.

Doctor Strange 2 Plot: 

Well this is tricky today since Derrickson has abandoned, but we’re just going to assume (for now) that the strategies for the sequel have not changed.

At Comic-Con, Derrickson teased that they’re”making the initial scary MCU film”, with Cumberbatch adding: “This spin in terror will have people gripped… We will be moving back to attempting to ruin him a bit.”

But it’ll still be PG-13 and comprise the humour of the first outing, according to Feige, and perhaps it was from the tone which the”creative differences” occurred, though we’ll probably never really know why Marvel and Derrickson parted ways.

The synopsis reads: “Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Dr Stephen Strange continues his study on the Time Stone. But a classic friend-turned-enemy puts a stop to his plans and causes Strange to unleash unspeakable evil.”

The occasions of WandaVision will lead author Witch directly to Doctor Strange for his help with something, presumably, especially now that the TV series has been moved forward to 2020, so it all being well with the planet, it’d air prior to the sequel hits cinemas.

As for how the Multiverse of Madness functions within the wider MCU — which now includes Disney+ TV shows — Feige revealed that there is undoubtedly a link between the Loki show as well as the Doctor Strange sequel.

Mr did a profile on the Disney CEO Bob Iger in which Feige stated: “I am not sure we have actually confessed that before.”

A relationship doesn’t a cameo make, therefore Loki fans believing they will get a glimpse may be let down.

Feige also disclosed the shows are essential viewing in the event that you’d like to get captured in time for the films: “These episodes will intersect with the films in a really big way. It is a completely new form of storytelling which we get to play with and explore,” he explained (via Variety).

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

If filming does take place in May 2020 we can see our very first trailer. We presumed some teaser footage might air at Comic-Con 2020, but in limbo that also is unclear with the event.

Doctor Strange from the Multiverse of Madness is published on November 5, 2021.

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