Disney’s Artemis Fowl- Will We Get Expected Results?



Every book reader has a dream of seeing their favorite characters from their favorite books come to life. One of our dreams is about to come true. Disney will be launching Artemis Fowl in 2020, which will include the young criminal mastermind. Here is everything you need to know about it.


Release date

Artemis Fowl

For years multiple speculations were revolving around this movie. But finally, it is happening and it is about to come soon. In 2013, Disney had announced that they were planning an Artemis Fowl movie. After many efforts, it was to be released on August 9, 2019, but due to the Disney-Fox merger, the movie was rescheduled. Now, it will be arriving on 29 May 2020. So, the wait is finally over.


The first teaser of the movie was released in November 2018 as it was supposed to be released in 2019. The teaser gave us a small gave us a quick look of the fairy world. Another trailer of the film is on the way and about to come soon.


Artemis Fowl

The plot of the movie will follow the story of the book Artemis Fowl. Although, one should not expect the script and the dialogues will not be word to word but the basic plot and the story will be the same. But the story will be presented more creatively and attractively.


The movie will be directed by Kenneth Branagh, who is the director of various films. He expressed his excitement about the film as well after he had been working on this movie for three years. he is too excited about the film. The screenplay of the film is done by Michael Goldenberg and Conor McPherson together.


Ferdia Shaw has been chosen to play the leading role in the movie. Kenneth praised him a lot and said that he is too high at his work. It may be his first role, but Kenneth hailed him as an amazing actor. Lara McDonald will play Captain Holly Short. Along with them, Commander Root will be performed by Judi Dench, and Josh Gad will play Mulch Diggums. Nonso Anozie will play Domovoi Butler.


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