Disney+ Gives First Sneak Peek of the New Lizzie McGuire in 2020 Teaser Trailer


This is what dreams are made of! Considering only one day in the new year, but it is already taking a spectacular shape – the first sneak peeks of the new Lizzie McGuire series. The glimpse comes courtesy of the 2020 teaser trailer of the upcoming attraction on Disney +. And sorry, Baby Yoda, but going to share the spotlight with this sad revival shortly.

On the first pass, it almost looks like Disney + is going to include the new Lizzie McGuire in its promo reel. Then, as the trailer nears its end, it does so. The moment is brief (for example, eyelid and you can remember it), but it saves the actual video footage before the revival. Sure, the series’ star Hilary Duff has given us some previews in photo format. However, watching the video clip makes the series look more real. Probably actually happening, y’all, and hopefully will be sooner rather than later in 2020.


Lizzie McGuire

For the first time in the new series, Lizzie (Duff) can be seen leaning into a car window and talking to someone behind the wheel. “Hi,” she says, seemingly out of breath. “I’m gonna do.” And though fleeting, it should be enough to pump fans to ensure that led their way.

It’s been 15 years since OG Lizzie McGuire started, so a lot has changed in those lost years. Per Disney +, Lizzie is just 30 years old, she will have her dream job, a wonderful boyfriend and the most creative millennials in the apartment. Nevertheless, in some ways one is still considering the same official language ‘Lizzie’ – and that means battling some self-doubt and uncertainty about the current stage of life.

On the other hand, her real-life counterparts have killed her. Duff recently called “I Do” to fall in love with Matthew Coma. On Tuesday, she shared a new picture from her wedding, in which she closed the year, captioning it, “Making promises to this man was by far the best day/night of 2019. 2019 will always organize our wedding. Grateful for health, our family, love, and dreams.”

Lizzie still has a few years to catch the standard of living. Meanwhile, we waited for his journey to end.