Disney Characters that should have enlogated roles on the screen

Disney Characters that should have enlogated roles on the screen-1

Lets look at some of the characters of Disney characters that should have shared more time on the time on the screen the enlogated roles.

BRUNI (Frozen 2)



The newest character introduced by the Disney is an adorable ,snow licking salamender named, Bruni. Bruni is an inhabitant of the Enchanted Forest and the elemental Spirit of Fire.He’s named Bruni by Anna and Elsa. Bruni though being a shy had a great bond with Elsa.

The only disappointing is that Bruni is almost impossible to find because he’s not present in most of the part of the movie.He is supposed to have somewhat pivotal role in the story but he has very less to play .

Many other characters such as Bruni did not get as much recognition that they should have got. Many creatures were the side characters while they should be the centre of attraction .May be Disney has kept their main part to play in the further edition.


cinderella gus

Octavius as the real of Gus is a portly brown mouse wearing a yellow shirt,green hat and brown shoes.He is Jaq’s best friend and is rather dim witted compared to his buddy.Other than his number one priority is making sure his belly is always treated right.

He was a fun character and should have graced our screen for a little more.



Chip potts is supporting character who was featured in Disney’s 1991 animated film,Beauty and the Beast .He is the son of Mrs Potts Chip is a cheerful and active young boy and is having great fear of the Beast’s temper.He is also shown to be brave and heroic.

Chip appears in the movie for a short while .The viewers are waiting for an enlongated presence of the character.



Pascal is the most charming chameleon you’ll ever meet.He is the pet of Rapunzel.His character is very recognizable.He is capable of blending into any environment he’ll staty with you through all your adventures.

But he graces the screen for a very short period of time. His enlongated presence may have provided more entertainment .



Squirt is a minor character in finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory.He is a baby male Sea Turtle who is the son of the Crush (Sea Turtle).He acts and talks just like his father .

But his role in the movie was very the short.Viewers wants to see more of his parts.



Pua,The Pig,i a fan favorite from Disney’s Moana. While Moana promote Pua the Pig like he would be big part of the movie he completely misses out on the control adventure. The Question is still stucked. Why Pua stayed behind?



Flash is the fastest sloth despite his slowness ,Flash is quite friendly, polite ,gentle,social and speaks quite professionally ,which makes him sound more intelligent than he looks.

Flash appears in the movie for a short while when Nick take Juddy to Flash to annoy and waste her time.

Lets see what disney has kept for us about these characters in future.

These were some of my favorite Disney characters that I like.What are yours ??? What do you think about the characters. Comment your favorite Disney characters !!!