Disenchanted Season 5 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season?

 The fourth season of Disenchanted got its release and after that, a sudden wave of silence came over the show. Fans, who had earlier hoped for the series to continue the release of its show and now wondering if there is any hope for the show to welcome another season. Everyone is waiting for fir this magical series to welcome its fifth part. Will there be disenchantment in season 5? When is it going to Release?

Every single fan of this series is hooked up with this question and why they won’t be? For such a popular series like this, the fans must be craving to have more seasons of it. There is no doubt that animations shows have captured half of the world and half is remain to clear. With shows like disenchantment, we believe that more fans will be added into the community, people who think that the animation is juts for kids have not watched the good shows like this.


disenchantment is one of the popular animation shows on Netflix. As the online streaming platform is especially pitting their efforts to welcome more shows on their platform, disenchantment became one of their popular picks for the subscriber. 

With the third season closing down, many people are wondering if the adventure of Bean, Elfo, and Luci will explore more depth into the world? If you are one of those people who have such a question on their mind then this article will tell you everything. Continue reading this article till the end and find out what’s the officials are planning. 

Disenchanted Season 5: Will there be Another Season?

Disenchanted Season 5

The cartoon series that is filled with an adventure which particularly gives you the vibe of the family guy in the Simmons with the hint of the Game of Thrones has been taken into the talks. 

The fans are excited to talk about the fifth installment of the series. Netflix is yet to announce the future of the Disenchanted show and while the fans are waiting for more than a year about it, many of them are doubting the decision. 

On the other hand, many popular websites have already claimed that the series will bring back joy, What do you think? Can you believe that? 

Without any solid proof or getting the official statement, it would be wrong to predict anything. But we also need to see that the fourth season was ended with the opening of multiple possibilities. Anyone who has ever watched Disenchanted would think that the show will welcome another season.

It would be a complete surprise of the show will release on nowhere. We don’t know whether there production has started or not.

Disenchanted Season 5: What is the potential release date for the show?

Disenchanted Season 5

As far the viewers are concerned about the release date of the show, the show makers have not yet talking about this. There is no official statement concerning about the release date of the show. Following the adventure of three people, the animation show has managed to get the world’s wide recognition. 

Netflix, which is already working with thousands of shows, also not talked about the renewal of the series. At the time of writing, we are clueless about the future of the show. There is no denying that Disenchanted Season 5 holds a bright future, With the positive feedback and rating from the fans, it looks like a good option to renew the series. 

Moreover, the show golds huge potential to be back on the track. With already thousands of series getting back on the platform, it gives another hope to the fans for wondering about the future, We are still waiting or the showrunners to reveal their plans. As for now, Disenchanted Season 5 is neither confirmed nor canceled. 

If everything goes fine, I think that the show will welcome its new seasons on 2023, It might release at the end of this year but for that, we have to get the news about the production. 

Disenchanted Season 5: Who will be back in the Cast?

That includes Abbi Jacobson as Princess Bean, Eric André as Luci the Demon, Nat Faxon as Eflo, John DiMaggio as King Zøg, Sharon Horgan as Queen Dagmar, Meredith Hagner as Mora the Mermaid, and Tress MacNeille as Queen Oona, Prince Derek, and The Ogre Queen.

Many people were sad after their favorite character Matt Berry was not seen in the third season., It looks like the internet has called off the show just because of this and now the officials might rethink their plot and wonder if they have to bring back Disenchanted Season 5

If everything goes fine, we might see Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer the Pig. On the different side, we might Richard Ayoade is likely to reprise his role as Alva Gunderson, the founder of Steamland.

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