Dirty John Season 3: Expected Release Date, Characters, And Every Other Detail


Dirty John Season 3: Updates, Dirty John is one of the American crime TV series with an interesting story to watch. The series Dirty John was created by Alexandra Cunningham who was an American writer and a producer. It has 2 seasons with 16 episodes, each season has 8 episodes.  Each episodes running time is up to 42-50 minutes.

The main characters in this series are Connie Britton as Debra Newell who is a designer and owner of her own company, Eric Bana as John Meehan, Juno Temple as Veronica Newell who is Debra’s older daughter, Julia Garner as Terra Newell and some more characters are also included.


Dirty John Season 3

Now let’s see the other season’s release dates, season 1 was premiered on 15th November 2018 in the Bravo network and season 2 on 14th July in the USA network.

Fans of this series are eager to know the release date season 3 because of its end of season 2.  We all know about the pandemic situation surrounded over the world so this was the main reason for the delay. Now it’s impossible to say about the release date of season 3 so fans should wait for the official updates.


When Debra lives a fulfilled beautiful life with her daughters the only thing she missing in her life is ‘love’.  Then she meets a handsome man doctor John Meehan and falls in love with quick romance. A good family with two daughters seemed to beautiful. This quick relationship makes their daughter overthink but they need to investigate the mother’s situation.  Debra’s psychological activities lead to bad effects on the entire family.  So this twisted end of the series makes their fans to wait for the next season.


This series is widely watched by the peoples and now who is seeking to watch this series can watch through Netflix.  Actress and actors are nominated for various awards won many awards for this series.  Each season and episode are mentioned with different titles.  There is no official release date or updates about season 3.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this above information and stay tuned for more knowledge.


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