Dirty John: Betty Broderick Kill Dan and Linda Broderick Know When!

Dirty John -Betty Broderick Kill Dan and Linda Broderick Know When!

The prime focus of the second season of Dirty John is Betty Broderick. He is currently serving 32 years to life imprisonment for the charge of murder. But the question is when did Betty kill Dan and Linda Broderick?

All About The Series Dirty John: The Broderick Story

The series Dirty John is hot streaming on Netflix now. The eight-part of the series is the representation of the real and most famous case of divorce and late murder in US history.

Amanda Peet has played Betty Broderick, the ex-wife of the prominent lawyer Daniel Broderick III (Christian Slater) who killed her former husband and his new wife Linda.
Know when did Betty Broderick kill Dan and Linda Broderick?

The Marriage Life Of The Two

Dan met Betty at the University of Notre Dame in 1965. After spending their younger life together they decided to marry and tied their knot four years on later April 12, 1969.

They spent 16 years together and had four children. Betty worked hard by doing unconventional jobs to pay for Dan’s medical and law degree and supported the whole family.

Betty Broderick Kill Dan and Linda Broderick Know When!

In the year 1982, Dan started to have an affair with his new assistant named, 21 year- old Linda Kolkerna.

After Betty’s suspicion of her husband having an affair. In 1985, Dan has decided to end their marriage to began a relationship with Linda.

And the four years were all about bitter divorce and custody battle between the two. Their divorce was finalized in 1989 with Dan got the custody of the four children.

What Happened Afterwards

Dan and Linda got married on 22 April 1989, and As shown in the series, Betty’s behavior twisted out of control and she once drove to Dan and Linda’s new home.

After this Dan confirmed that Betty was arrested and also sent to a psychiatric hospital which can be seen in the real-life trial sessions in the series.

When Did Berry Killed Dan and Linda? (Dirty John)

On Sunday, 5th of November,1989 Betty, and her threats became reality. At 5 pm, Betty entered Dan’s home with stolen keys and shot the couple Dan aged 44 and 28 years old Linda, five times. Linda died immediately but Dan stayed alive for a bit.

Betty pulled the phone from the wall and left it unplugged so that Dan could not call for help. Later, Betty surrendered herself to the police. In the trials, She explained the court that she never intended to kill the two and the crime was not pre-planned.