Director Of Fantastic Four Josh Trank Leaves Twitter After Criticizing Marvel Movies. INTRESTED TOPIC


It seems like The Fantastic Four reboot director Josh Trank has ignored an old feud and made some statements that will surely enrage some famous people! Let us see what this feud is all about what led to something serious altogether!
Director Josh Trank Tried To Put Shade On Marvel Movies.

Apparently, Josh Trank reignited the feud between Marvel and Martin Scorsese by boasting about Martin’s new film The Irishman.


Josh went to Twitter to say that the first five minutes of the movie has more humanity and truth and cinematic intrigue than the running the length of every single Marvel movie combined!
The director had to pay for his won faults as after making this extremely controversial statement he quit Twitter.

However, Marvel Fans are rather thankful for this sudden exit of the director from Twitter.

The director also tried to shade Todd Phillips.

Fans started questioning Josh, which led to his apparent departure from Twitter.

Josh Trank Reignited The Old Spat Between Martin Scorsese and Marvel Movies!
Martin Scorsese recently made a statement saying that these superhero movies are not real films.

According to the renowned director, these forms lack the risk factor and play safely at the time.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has, in turn, said that it is rather unfortunate that Marin thinks this way.

Kevin further says that art is subjective and that everyone deserves to have their own set of opinions.

A lot of celebrities supported the Marvel Franchise as well.

Amidst the feud that happened between two big names of Hollywood, Josh’s statement has definitely reignited the spat.

A lot of famous Marvel Supporters have still not addressed the issue is off yet.

The reason behind this sudden statement is still uncertain.

Will this affect his upcoming movie? We have to wait and look out what happens next.