It is only two days now before Diljit Dosanjh takes off with his friends to an undisclosed location to bring in the New Year and the very new decade.

The famous Punjabi-actor and also singer has been very busy with the promotions of Good Newz his upcoming film which releases on last Friday of this year that is 2019.


The makers of the film and it is co-starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, and Kiara Advani these actors and actresses have been hosting private screenings of the films and the reviews, so far, their all the promotions have been extremely positive.

When someone from the media asked if he would watch the film in the theatres or at the screenings then the actor said that he doesn’t usually watch his films in theatres when they are released.

He said that he moves on to another show or something but not his one. He also said that this time he will watch it in a theatre.

Tha actor alters on also said that he booked the tickets for the 27th but he said that he will watch the full film in screening before he heads out.

He said that that he usually ends up seeing most of the films while dubbing so that he doesn’t see or watch the movie over and over again.

He said that he will make an exception for this movie cause this is a special one for him. He said that this movie will make you cry and smile as well.

So we think no we do not think we already got an idea about how the film would be.

We think that it would be an amazing one cause there are so many good actors who have done a very good job. The trailer of the movie has been very good and the fans have liked it a lot.