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Digimon Adventure: New Season Confirmed Release!

Digimon Adventure

It is said that a show becomes legendary after it covers certain successful seasons. An example of this is “Digimon Adventures”. Digimon Adventure is a series that has completed its 20 years. The show was first released in 1999. Till the date, it is on the top of the Anime world.

New Digimon Season Release Confirmed?

The fans are surely up for a treat. The legendary show Digimon is renewed for another season. “Digimon Adventure: Psi” is the name given to the upcoming season. Digimon is itself a world of heroes.

The few characteristics of Digimon is that it consists of mesmerizing traits. The characters of Digimon are made sexy and appealing in a particular way. Fans have been loving the series for the same reasons.

The show is all set to appear on Japanese TV. Though there has been a delay in the release of the new season. The production of the upcoming season has been put to hold due to the pandemic. All the projects are delayed because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Digimon Adventure: Psi is another such project.

Find out all about “Angewomon”:

Angewomon is one of the highlighting characters of Digimon’s world. It is also Salamon’s super level evolution. Her cosplay has been released on the internet. Cosplay includes pink and golden effects to the picture of the character. These effects add an aura to her cosplay. She has her face covered with a helmet. Also, there is an additional pink parchment.

Angewomon looks mighty and powerful who also has an angelic aura.

Fans wait to see more of Digimon Adventure. Also, more of Angewomon adventures and her cosplay. There is some time before Digimon is back with its adventures.

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