Did a witcher ruin the future of Henry Cavill as a superman?


Superman is probably the most famous cartoon character.
In addition to Christopher Reeve’s film, Krypton’s last son was never able to defend the series.

Since 2006, Brandon Routh has been trying to revive this version of the character in Superman Returns with various results, and recently he had the opportunity to play this role again.


Subsequently, in 2013, Zach Snyder created The Man of Steel, which presents a modified history of the origin and origin of Kal-Els.

Snyder’s view of the DC Comics era — from the watchman to the Justice League — is especially divided.
But Man of Steel star Henry Cavill was upset about fans without a sequel.

I wondered if the actor could play Superman again, but now I could see Cavill on the Netflix The Witcher, but some fans worry it’s too late to lead Man of Steel 2, Superman returns.

Can he still get back to Superman?

Sometimes Cavil turned to the possibility that he would again wear red and blue clothes.

In November 2019, the actor offered to fight for the role, saying that he would not “sit in the dark.” But many showed that they took their stars and snore a witch.

The actor said in a recent discussion. When asked about possible conflicts between the return of the Witcher and the return of Superman, Cavill left the option open.

“Remember that I can do two projects a year, no matter what film I made over the years,” he said.

When fans asked if they could “hope” that Cavill would return to Superman, the actor did his best to respond to the character’s reaction.