Devilman Crybaby Season 2 Won’t Returning Back

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Much popular anime series have landed on Netflix for the past few years. No doubt to this but Netflix has definitely raised the popularity of all the anime series. While some of them are already very popular and the rest of them are a hidden gem which is now explored by the subscribers. Out of all these, the OTT platform is himself involved in Anime. Being the most-watched, it is pretty obvious from the two. One of their anime is Devilman Crybaby. 

Based on the manga “Devilman” this series is the second anime series after Castlevania. When the show was initially announced, it became instant popular because of the hype and of course the fans. However, the first season ended shortly and now fans are wondering if there are any chances for Season 2 or not. Devilman Crybaby, Being an Netflix Original Series, got quite light at the time of its release. It’s not like the show was great, but still there was a lot of talk regarding it. The story follows the Dark Fantasy and anyone who is a bog anime watcher can know how much this genre plays a significant role. 


The show seems to be perfect from everywhere. However, I won’t say that the story will attract everyone. The dark fantasy and the strong visuals of the show is something one would love. At the time of its release, many people actually appreciated the show. 

All the positive feedback and great ratings are the reason why the audience are hoping for another season. Will it Happen? Don’t worry. We, at honknews, would provide you all the attest and updated news about the show’s renewal and cancellation. Keep the track on to find out what it’s gonna be.

Devilman Crybaby Season 2 Confirmed: Is it Happening?

Devilman Crybaby Season 2

At a lot of times, the anime series may be based on the manga but features a very little portion of it. Something similar happens with Devilman Crybaby. As the anime was originally based on the manga named, “Devilman” by Ichirō Ōkouchi, it lightly sticks to it. 

As it happens, many people realize that the story was actually left incomplete, on a sad note. Being emotional humans, we all want the story to end on a happy note. Because who wants a sad ending? 

Viewers think that the story of Ryo & Akira is still incomplete. With the show being left on such an emotional note, everyone is thinking about the possible Season 2. 

On the other hand, the show has such great ratings and the audience has loved the plot. But all these things are not making the show gets renewed. 

Devilman Crybaby Season 2 is not yet officially announced by Netflix. It’s been almost 4 years since the show was officially aired for the first time. As Netflix has always been super progressive when it comes to their favorite and popular shows, there is always a season for it. 

The chances of Devilman Crybaby season 2 are lower than average. Since there are no updates regarding it, it looks like the show is unlikely to happen. 

Fans need to leave their expectations and stop wondering about Devilman Crybaby Season 2. 

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Devilman Crybaby Season 2 Cancelled: Why There is No Season 2?

Devilman Crybaby Season 2 Updates

Despite the show’s popularity around the globe, Why doesn’t Netflix renew the show? It seems like the show has pretty much everything to have a renewal. From the popularity to the support, but there is no Season 2. 

Audiences have loved the show and while some people thought that the visuals are a little too bold but everyone wants Season 2. It is believed that Netflix has not stuck to the story of the manga and has completely taken the other part. As it happens, their own storyline collapsed to the point where there is no reverse gear. 

Now if there will be a Season 2, Netflix either have to stick to the manga or develop the spin-off. The first option might sound great but it is not possible. So the only thing that could replace it is the spin-off. 

Moreover, Netflix has not openly talked about the cancellation, we have just figured it out. There is also no confirmation about the spin-off since the 4 years until very recently. 

Recently, there was a talk regarding Devilady. Have you heard of it? It is believed that the anime series would get a spin-off that will centre around Devillady. Want to know about it? Find out in the next section. 

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Devillady: Is it A Sequel of Devilman Crybaby?

Devilman Crybaby Season 2

Netflix may renew the original anime series and produce a spin-off which centres around Devillady. Devillady is the original character form the manga series which started to serialize during 1997. At the time of its publication, the readers found the character too intimidating and loved the storyline. Well, the story would still not fall for everyone but there are many weeb who loved it. 

With devilman being such a bold character, we could expect Netflix to renew the show for a spin off. Before Netflix, TMS Entertainment adapted the story and developed an anime based on the character. The anime ran for 36 episodes and ran between 1998. The story follows Devillady, a supermodel and popular in the entertainment world. But she holds a deep dark secret. The story continues her story from the deadly superhuman to the supermodel. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation for it. But it is believed that there will be a spin-off featuring her. If the netflix gives any kind of updates regarding this anime series, I’ll make sure to edit this article. Till then, stream other anime series on Netflix.