‘Desus & Mero’ Renewed for Season 2 the community’s first-ever late-night talk show


The Bodega Boys are coming back!

Showtime has revived”Desus & Mero,” the community’s first-ever late-night talk show, for the second period of pop culture, sports, politics and music banter.


Season 2 will premiere Monday, Feb. 3 and will continue to broadcast every Monday and Thursday at 11 p.m. ET/PT. The renewal statement was produced by Showtime presidents of entertainment Gary Levine and Jana Winograd.

“Desus and Mero are a Great addition to the Showtime Family,” explained Winograd. “Using their funny commentary on current events, vibrant conversations with significant political figures and stars, and special tours of this much-beloved New York City, Desus and Mero bring a new outlook on late-night programming and individuals can’t wait to see where they shine that light in 2020.”

Longtime acquaintances and Bronx natives Desus Nice (Daniel Baker), As well as The Kid Mero (Joel Martinez), came into prominence during their podcast”The Bodega Boys” and net show”Desus vs. Mero.” Before Showtime, their behavior Viceland gained them a following which made a jump-off point to their show. They continue to sponsor the”Bodega Boys” podcast.

Back in Feb. In the show’s premiere, The duo teased they were planning to disrupt the late-night space using a few”f— ethnic paradigm-shifting s–.” It’s reasonable to say that eight months later, that goal was achieved.

“We are not sporting ties, we’re not doing monologues. F. This will modify television,” explained Mero at the moment.

In a column written when the show premiered, Variety primary TV critic Daniel D’Addario commented that the transfer to Showtime has”given the set higher visibility and availability,” resulting in an entire plethora of A-list guests out of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to Ava DuVernay.

In 1 section from the year, the duo moved into a strip club With Anna Kendrick, before buying the”Pitch Perfect” star her very first pair of Timberland shoes. Frequent viewers will understand that Desus and Mero have a little obsession with”Timbs.”

“Desus and Mero showed enough comic resourcefulness, and adequate Enthusiasm and warmth, during their atmosphere to make clear it’s well worth watching regardless of who guests,” composed D’Addario of this Ocasio-Cortez interview.

Developed for Showtime from Jax Media,” Desus & Mero” Is executive Tony Hernandez and, Lilly Burns Victor Lopez. The season 1 finale will air Nov. 21 in the customary moment.