Destiny 2 emblem overhaul erases years of progress for players


Destiny two’s Season of the Worthy started this week, also brought with it a dreadful surprise. The stat tracking function on emblems was redesigned without warning. The rollout erased a bunch of unique trackers that demonstrated success in the toughest challenges of Destiny 2.

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The shift seems laser targeted to mad Destiny two most devoted players. People people who have set the hours to make crucible win streak awards, and massive Empyrean restoration donations to name a few, can no longer show off their accomplishments.

Bungie has verified that this was an intentional decision, although at first, it looked like a bug. On Reddit community manager dmg04 reacted to criticism of the update to state”a few bones needed to crack on Emblems to reset them to get a brighter future. Some trackers couldn’t start at the start of your journey, but will probably be monitoring from this day forward.”

The system lets you input the menu to pick from some generic trackers of an emblem. Arbitrarily, others can not show types of tracker compared to some emblems. The new setup also lets you choose not to exhibit any trackers, and it is a characteristic some players are asking for.

This is the implementation anyone anticipated. From the latest This Week in Bungie upgrade, the developers explained the thinking.

“When designing this system, our general aim is to provide players more ways and choices to display their accomplishments. Our selection of stats was determined by prioritizing stats that represented a skill that may be improved week-over-week or Season-over-Season and be an achievement that gamers would want to exhibit which has been meaningful to other players. Due to that, some stats which couldn’t be completed or improved any longer were not included.”

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Everything isn’t lost. Bungie has all the participant information and intends to return some of the trackers later on. An upgrade after in the Season of the Worthy will reintroduce 16 of those stats, on which trackers to prioritize in future, and the staff is currently looking for feedback.


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