Destiny 2 Beyond Light, What Is Actually Inside The Game? Know Every Detail Here

Destiny 2-

With the game’s Tribute Hall going away in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, now is the time for Bungie to add a dedicated and also a customizable firing range for the players.

With the launch of the second part of the game, the developer Bungie is now retiring pieces of major content for the very first time in the game’s 4-year history. Some of the seasonal content and activities have gone away in the past, some of them are the Seraph Bunkers or the Sundial 6-player activity, but this here is much more important than all of that. Bungie is putting a hole in the planets and destinations into the Destiny Content Vault and still, it is unclear when they will ever come back.

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Destiny 2 Updates

Destiny 2

But while the players of the game will miss zipping around Titan to complete quick Public Events or even using the Castellum to farm some Cabal kills, there are some other elements of Destiny 2 which are going away now. Arguably one of the most useful is the Tribute Hall, which then, later on, became a de facto firing range for the game that once the players acquired of all the upgrades or tributes.

In the Tribute Hall, Destiny 2 game players could now test out some different builds, mods, and some weapon perks to see how all of it affect enemies of certain difficulty tiers or levels. Then there were also a lot of different scenarios that lent themselves well to the Tribute Hall, like using all of the ammo ‘displays’ to fill up the ammo before heading into an activity.

In a very few months, though, the Leviathan ship is now heading into the Destiny Content Vault and also with it the Tribute Hall. Now the players of the game have to revert back to their old ways when it all comes to testing weapons and builds, assuming that Bungie does not introduce a replacement in Beyond Light. Hopefully, we are hoping that Bungie does create a truly dedicated firing range because we know Destiny 2 has been sorely in need of one for some while.