Despite omicron, officials plan to keep schools open


With coronavirus cases and pediatric hospitalizations surge in the United States, majority of the U.S. schools will be staying open for in-person learning.

While the fifth school semester starts, the coronavirus pandemic still arises along with pediatric hospitalization. Burbio, an organization that tracks individual school and district websites, the vast majority of U.S. schools are staying open for in-person learning this week.

However, they reported that at least 3,229 schools around the country announced they were canceling in-person learning as of Monday evening

Other individual schools are closing due to staffing shortages and are closing due rising cases

Despite the surge of the Omicron variant, US Leaders are determined to keep the schools open for in-person learning.

Mayors, Governors, and the U.S. Secretary of Education have been speaking forcefully in favor of keeping schools open. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said on Fox news Sunday “Our expectation is for schools to be open full time for students for in-person learning,


Meanwhile, some teacher unions are pushing for delays and stronger safety measures. Some parents and students are worried too.

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned the school mask mandate.

Missouri attorney general has requested that local governments and school districts stop issuing health directives as a result of a court ruling.

A substitute teacher in Chicago Public Schools, was teaching at a high school on Monday. She shared her sentiments, “We opened class talking about how [the students] felt about being in the building. Many of them said they did not feel safe.” With this, the Chicago’s teachers union is set to vote Tuesday on whether to begin teaching remotely Wednesday without the city’s permission.

The head of the teacher union in New York City, Michael Mulgrew, he advised the mayor that a temporary return to remote learning instead of in-person learning. New York City is reporting about 31,000 cases a day.

With vaccines now available for children as young as 5 years old. Schools are relying on rapid tests, vaccines, and masks to keep the children, teachers, and staff healthy and the schools safe this semester.