Desperados 3; Some Tips, Strategies For The New Players

Desperados 3; Some Tips, Strategies For The New Players, Desperados 3 is the latest installment in the series. In this article, you will read about some tips, tricks, and what to know about the real-life tactics video game.

Two Modes Of Play

Desperados 3 Some Tips, Strategies For The New Players


The game has got two different play styles, depends on the preference of the players: Guns blazing or stealthy. Either way befits for Cooper and his gang, but disregarding the sneaky approach is a lot tougher, as the enemies will be alerted and make reaching the objective pretty difficult.

The stealthy play makes taking down the targets much easier and is still just as ruthless as going in guns blazing. Make sure that you pay attention to the color of the guards’ view cones. If they change from green to yellow, it will mean that the player is in their line of sight. If the cone fills, it will prompt the enemy to start shooting and raise the alarms.

Character Skill

During the missions, players will control multiple characters simultaneously, which makes understanding the abilities important for success. For example, Kate is able to put on multiple disguises and flirt with the guards to distract them, while McCoy can silently kill the targets with his syringe or knock out multiple targets in an area with chemicals.

With all the five characters have the ability to knock out, distract, or attract bandits and guards, Kate is the only character without a rope to tie them up. McCoy is a doctor, while Isabelle practices Voodoo; both have the ability to heal others. Mendoza on the other hand can heal himself after taking a swig from his whiskey flask.

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