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Delayed Movie Sequel Finally Releasing In 2021




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2021 looks set to be the movie sequel’s year, using a lot of films finally set to find the light of the day. It’s bad enough when a first film is consigned to development hell – that the likes of Akira, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and Mad Max: Fury Road can attest the metaphorical purgatory of this cinematic world is just about as much fun as it sounds. Writers and directors put years of work the money is pumped in by studios and fans invest their time and interest, just for no end product to emerge.

But film delays could be much more frustrating when the subject is not a sequel, although a first release. In these scenarios, the audience and the expectation is already in place, waiting with bated breath for the next installment, just to be disappointed. Fortunately, 2021’s film slate includes a range of releases many predicted may never become a reality. Though their delays may not be as long as those listed above, the pair of films have all endured troubled productions for one motive or another, and even risked not being made at all.

With 2020 still new, there is lots of time to get things to go wrong, obviously, but for today at least, here are the long-awaited delayed movie sequels which are set to finally hit theaters next year.

Jackass 4 (March 5th)

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Something about the new millennium made a set of L.A. youngsters wish to set their bodies on the line for fun, fame, and fortune, and two decades later, their exploits nevertheless have audiences coming back for more. The appeal of this Jackass franchise isn’t difficult to dissect; taking the perverse fascination of reality TV, mixing it with the lasting intrigue of this Evel Knievel-era stuntman and including a sprinkling of the”most bizarre home video” craze, Johnny Knoxville and his crew were constantly onto a winning formula. A killer soundtrack along with a slant towards skateboarding civilization helped immortalize Jackass as a cultural movement that outgrew its MTV roots and proceeded on the predominate the large screen.

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Following 3 admissions in the primary movie series, talk of a Jackass 4 began around 2012, but that project quickly evolved to Jackass Presents: Poor Grandpa, an offshoot of the main series with a more cohesive narrative and Knoxville since the fundamental grandpa character. Knoxville asserts to have been set aside thoughts for a fourth appropriate’ Jackass film for some time since, and each of the vital team members has expressed an interest in a different round of physical torture following Poor Grandpa’s release in 2013, leading to an official affirmation in December 2019.

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The Suicide Squad (August 6th)

The difference between Suicide Squad and its imaginatively-titled sequel may not be as wide as other entries on this listing, but the DCEU film was able to fit plenty of behind-the-scenes disarray into that 4-year interim. One of the more rewarding movies in DC’s shared world, Suicide Squad boasted an abysmal cast headed up by Margot Robbie and Will Smith, but suffered a critical battering both online and in testimonials, which played a part in the less interconnected direction Warner Bros. are now taking their superhero movies. A Suicide Squad sequel wasn’t seriously in question, but the essence of the follow up was in constant flux.

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The first movie’s director, David Ayer, was originally slated for its sequel but moved together with Margot Robbie to Gotham City Sirens, an effort that DC ultimately dropped in favor of 2020’s upcoming Birds of Prey. Ayer’s replacement, Gavin O’Connor, also ended up departing the project, making sense for James Gunn, fresh from being fired in Disney after the emergence of offensive tweets. Under Gunn’s direction, The Suicide Squad efficiently turned into a soft reboot, instead of a direct sequel, with a largely new batch of convicts linking the titular team alongside a few favorites from the original.

Avatar 2 (December 17th)

Contemplating Avatar’s place in history and James Cameron already indicating out thoughts for additional movies, it is surely a surprise that Avatar two has taken more than a decade to emerge. The 2009 film was a stunning affair, criticized by some because of the environmental subtext and its narrative. Nonetheless, there’s no denying the immersive nature of Pandora and the intriguing culture of this Na’ vi that helped propel Avatar to record-breaking monetary success. Considering that the first Avatar itself was the subject of repeated delays while Cameron waited for technology to catch up with his creativity, it is not surprising that the await a sequel was similarly prolonged.

Avatar two was verified as early as 2010 and originally anticipated to arrive four decades later. With reports indicating the Avatar franchise could expand by up to 5 extra movies, the composting process was not completed before February of 2017, together with the potential release date slipping backward during this interval. The nature of filming technology intended delays was mandatory, although Generation started in mid-2017. Eventually, December 2021 was settled upon, in that time Avatar two and 3 would have been published under the original strategy. Back-to-back filming over the subsequent two Avatar movies continues after this season.

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Sherlock Holmes 3 (December 22nd)

Many attribute the role of Iron Man as being part of Robert Downey Jr.’s resurgence as a top-tier Hollywood celebrity, but his turn as Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth was arguably equally vital. Both the 2009 first Sherlock Holmes and 2011’s A Game of Shadows released to significant financial success and mostly positive reviews, offering a more action-packed twist contrary to the BBC’s gritty, modern TV adaptation published around the same time. The combination of both Downey Jr. and Jude Law since the ever-faithful Dr. Watson established a winning venture together with Guy Ritchie’s direction and the 19th-century setting, and the franchise has been widely expected to develop into a trilogy from the foreseeable future.

As is usually the case in development hell, locating the proper script proved to be the stickiest sticking point for Sherlock Holmes 3, and also the next big-screen experience for Doyle’s dynamic duo was not officially declared until mid-2018, with a release for December 2020 set. A year then moved back this. Together with Robert Downey Jr. now officially from the MCU (or is he? ), and Dexter Fletcher’s place to take over Guy Ritchie’s chair in the director’s seat, there should be no further delay to Sherlock Holmes 3, that will now arrive a decade following the previous installation.

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