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Death Note Season 2: Release Date, Characters, and some prime updates you need to know!

Death Note Season 2: The most popular series in the world of anime after the Dragon Ball-Z. The storyline of the show is very well written making the show a complete thriller to binge-watch it one go. The show is rated beginner-friendly in anime by many critics and it is one of the top-rated show be it’s viewers. Fans are wondering when will the next season of this mixed bag thriller, mystery, crime and horror will be released. Well, here are some updates we know.

Expected Release date of Death Note Season 2:

Death Note Season 2

The first season was first released in October 2006. Comprising 37 episodes with the mind-blowing storyline that season ended in June 2007. Later when Netflix included the show on its platform, the show gained more popularity. Now, Sadly considering the current pandemic situation around the globe the production of the second season has been postponed and no date has been confirmed from the makers.

Characters in Death Note 2:

The main characters of which the show is based going to be same. We may get to see some new characters in the new storyline of the new season.

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