Death Note Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Madhouse has offered us some of the best anime shows over the past few decades. No wonder why the viewers blindly believe in the production of the anime when it comes to their studio. As for now, there have been numerous shows that were released over the past few years but none of them truly matches the intensity of Death Note. Death Note is a popular Japanese anime series, that happened to be one of the most popular anime that has ever been released. Following the dark fantasy theme, it was then that the viewers came forward and felt what the genre is all about and how it feels to watch it. It’s been more than a decade since the anime was released and still, fans are vulnerable to knowing about Death Note Season 2. 

Inspired by the manga series that was released in 2006, Death note delivers a completely different storyline that sets it apart from the rest of the show. Following the villain as the main lead, the show makes quite an astonishing look for the first time. 


Centers around Kira, a young genius boy from Tokyo High school who has shown his brilliance in his studies and is completely different from the rest of his classmates. One day, while walking home, he found a book fallen on the street. Excited and Curious, he picked it up and read “Death Note”, which was titled on the cover of it. 

Death Note is a captivating anime series that is filled up with suspense and will keep the interest of the viewers throughout the series. Being produced by madhouse, the audience is wondering why such popular anime haven’t been resembled again. Over the past few years, the show has just grown in popularity but still, there are no updates regarding its future. In this article, we’ll be talking about Death Note and its future. If you are someone who has a great interest in anime series then this article is for you. Continue reading the show and find out everything about the anime. 

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Death Note Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

Death Note Season 2

Fans have been waiting for the anime to renew while there have been no hopes lying for the show. Still, the viewers have kept wondering about the future of the anime series. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation put forward by the officials regarding the show. 

Anyone who has watched the series might have a different opinion regarding the show and how it ended. Many people have wanted the Kira to end and numerous of them have supported the brilliant L in the game. However, since the series majorly focuses on the villain, we keep getting why things happen. 

Many rumors suggested that the anime series is already in production and has been returning for its second season. However, none of them had real proof of the rumors, and the officials never broke their silence. 

Many people are predicting the future of Death Note Season 2. Since the show holds extreme popularity, it is easy for the viewers to think about another season. Another possibility for the series to renew is how the recent trend of renewal has spread over the studio. Many anime series like Dragon Ball Z is getting a renewal status and have already delivered the release date. During that time. When the show is getting renewed, the fans of the Death Note are feeling left out. 

But there is something that could ultimately make the series return. In 2020, the writer of the popular dark-fantasy anime series published a book named “Death note: Special One Shot”. Written by Ohba and illustrated by Obata, the series focuses on the events after 10 years of gap. The manga features Kira, the main protagonist and the story follows all the events that took place over the 10 years of gap. When this manga was released, it became a massive success and fans loved the book. This might be a source for the officials to illustrate into an anime series. 

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Death Note Season 2: When is it going to Release?

Death Note Season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of Death Note to be renewed and fans are considering the silence as a No from the official’s side. While many fans still believe in the positive side and firmly believe that there would be another part for the show. 

Since there have been a lot of things left behind and the ending is just another round that could be taken as another season, the fans want to know what happened later with Kira. 

The mystery is surprisingly sold in the new manga series written by Ohba which features the 10 years after events took place in Tokyo City. Now, this manga is the only hope for the audience to believe in the second part. The show already holds massive popularity and fans kept thinking about why such hugely loved shows have not yet been adapted into a second season. Madhouse has been getting a lot of requests from its viewers and even there are a lot of tweets surfacing on Twitter. 

So, there is no official confirmation for the Death Note Season 2. The officials have not yet announced the renewal status and there is no release date for it. We are waiting for the anime to renew and as soon as this happens, we’ll make sure to update you.

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Death Note Season 2: What can we expect with it?

Death Note Season 2

It would be hard to estimate the plot since the Death note Season 2 is still not confirmed. However, the recent manga will give a sure insight into the possible things that could be taken as source material. In the first season, we saw how things ended brutally. Kira, after all these evil things, is still alive and has been living his life. He might have guilt for his past sins but there is nothing to make things worse. If there would be an anime adaption based on the manga, it would follow Light Yagami as the main lead. The series follows the antagonist and represents what happens during the period. 

The official synopsis of the manga is mentioned below. If you are missing this then that article is here for you.

When the Shinigami Ryuk returns to Earth more than ten years after his last visit, he gives the Death Note to the top-scoring student in Japan, hoping that he will follow in Light Yagami’s footsteps. He is surprised when Minoru Tanaka returns the notebook and asks him to return it in two years.

Now a high school student, Minoru accepts the notebook from Ryuk, but he has no plans to use it himself. With the Shinigami’s help and his ingenuity, he auctions it off anonymously as his actions are followed and predicted by Near. The United States of America buys it for a sum that leaves every Japanese citizen under the age of 60 set for life, but the King of Death creates a new rule of the Death Note that thwarts Minoru and the U.S. President’s plans.

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