Deadpool 3 Is Sooner Than Expected By The Fans


Deadpool is known for its unique blend of a comedy action movie. It is moreover an R rated movie. Both the movies combined got more than a million dollars. So it is quite clear that all the people out there have pretty liked the movie and its action.

All the credit goes to Ryan and his team. Considering its a huge success both in terms of its a collection at the box-office and critics, Disney has acquired the rights for Deadpool 3.

Words from the director :

The director of the first two films, Rob Liefield has made it clear that they are currently working on the third installment of the movie. 

He did not reveal much about the movie’s plot or any specifications but assured the fans that eponymous anti-hero is going to hit the theatres soon than expected. 

With Marvel having a bunch of movies to start it’s phase 4, even they have not revealed the timeline of Deadpool 3. But it is very news for the fans that Disney is continuing the franchise capitalizing on its success.

Moreover, Disney has taken complete rights from the fox so that they can release numerous films with Deadpool. So it is going to be an eye feast for the fans.

Deadpool 3 Release Updates :

As per the words of Rob Liefield shooting for Deadpool 3 will be started by this year sometime around. So it would be sometime at the end of 2021 if everything goes well. But all the fans must wait for the official update from the movie team.

Will Marvel enter Deadpool 3 into its Universe :

Marvel is pretty busy with phase 4. It has released the schedules for several movies and phase 4 is going to last for four to five years for sure. But Marvel is pretty in the plans of placing Deadpool and Wolverine into MCU.

But it has made it clear for Wolverine won’t be appearing the phase 4 and they planning him to come at the early stage of phase 5. So all fans of Deadpool can expect the same to Deadpool. 

Marvel is going to bring the slowly but definitely into MCU. So it is quite very happy news for the fans. Moreover, this confirms that the fans can not see Deadpool in a crossover soon.


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