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Deadpool 3 In Works?

The infamous Disney-Fox merger changed the fate of numerous film franchises not to mention the entire entertainment industry.

One of the most notably affected series was the Deadpool series, which had proven itself markedly successful offering a superheroic vibe that has not been seen in the MCU or its imitators. Since the merger, it has been unclear precisely what shape a new Deadpool would take if it were to take one at all. But then Ryan Reynolds recently popped up on Live! With Kelly and Ryan with a short. Through welcome, update.

Deadpool 3

Recently, he showed up at the favorite morning talk show of old people and kids staying at home from school alike, where he was asked, naturally, about the course of the Deadpool series and a not quite confirmed but still most likely happening Deadpool 3.

Fans of the series received a treat from the start as he confirmed that the third installment in the movie franchise is currently in development at Marvel Studios. When the news was provided during a talk on Live with Kelly and Ryan during which time Reynolds said ‘the whole team’ is on board for this upcoming third movie. Reynolds simply confirmed that the movie is happening and that it is taking place through Marvel Studios.

Deadpool 3

“Yeah, yeah, we’re working on [Deadpool 3] right now with the whole team,” Reynolds said. “We’re over at Marvel now, the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kind of crazy.” The first Deadpool movie was a surprising hit. It offered the adult viewers a proper R-Rated superhero film that eventually got its sequel, Deadpool 2.

Deadpool was released in 2016 and Deadpool 2 in 2018. If we were to follow the trend, we can presume that we will get Deadpool 3 in late 2020. Although, it is quite unclear if it will be finished in time for release this year. This movie series was severely impacted by the Disney-Fox merger which is why Deadpool 3 has been transitioned over to Marvel Studios.

But the happy news is, we have Deadpool3, in one form or another, in progress. It is unclear how much of the series signature vibe will remain unchanged under Marvel Studios.



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