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Dead Wind Season 3 Release Date, Characters, Plot And Other Detail

Deadwind is one of the Finnish crime drama and Nordic Noir TV series.  The series Dead Wind is created by Rike Jokela, Jari Olavi, Rantala, and Kirsi Porkka and it is directed by Rike Jokela.

Finland is the country of origin is and the original language is Finnish.  It has 2 seasons with 20 episodes where season 1 has 12 episodes and season 2 has 8 episodes.  The original network of the series is Yle TV2 and it is run upto 44 minutes.  Riina Hyytia and Jojo Uimonen is the producer of the series.

Dead Wind Season 3 Release Date

Dead Wind Season 3 Release Date, Characters, Plot And Other Detail

Season 1 was premiered on 14th March 2018 and season 2 was premiered on 5th April 2020 then it is added to Netflix on 1st July 2020.

The official date of season 3 was not announced by YLE TV1 or Netflix but it is expected to release on Netflix in August 2020.  COVID-19 pandemic is the reason for delaying the event.

Season 3 has many interesting characters like Pihla Viitala as Sofia Karppi who plays her role as a detective of homicide cases, Lauri Tilkanen as Sakari Nurmi also a detective, Jani Volanen is a Finnish actor, writer, and a director who plays his role as Usko Berhdah, Ville Myllyrinne as JP, Vera Kiislinen, Raimo Gronberg as Tapio Koskimaki and many other characters are also included.

The Plot Of The Show

Sofia Karppi works as a detective in the Helsinki Police Department while taking care of her children after the death of her husband.  And another detective named Rookie Sakari Nurmi is transferred from the financial crime unit with the Karppi.

They started their work and their first case was a disappearance where the women’s clothes are found at a construction site that leads to the detective the body. Anna Bergdahl was buried with flowers in her hands at the sore which is belonging to wind power and then came to know that Anna was murdered.  Her husband was confused after hearing the incident.  Karppi and Nurmi started their investigation in Anna’s background.


After the end of the season, 2 fans are waiting for the release of season 3.  This is a twisted series with many interesting scenes.  Deadwind is now available on Netflix let us watch for a good experience.

I hope fans will be happy about this above information and stay tuned for more updates.



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