Dead to Me: The Ending of Season 2 Explained


Dead to Me: The Ending of Season 2 Explained, The second season of the show Dead to me ended in a very shocking note and which is threatening to expose Jen as well as Judy for the crime they have committed. The show is streaming on Netflix.

The story of the show involves two ladies Judy and Jen who have murdered Judy’s ex Steve whose body is lying in Jen’s pool. The first season of the show was a whirlwind. Jen snapped and killed Steve at her home after he threatened Judy for cracking a deal with the Greek mafia.

Dead to Me: The Ending of Season 2 Explained


In the second season the cops search for Steve meanwhile the ladies are busy burying his body in the forest while trying to cover the tracks. Things start to get complicated when Jen falls for Steve’s twin Ben. Judy starts dating the ex of Detective Perez who is the lead on the case. In the end, Jen decides to confess in order to save her friend and the two sons from all the trouble she has caused.

In the finale of the second season of the show, Jen meets Perez at home after which the head to the woods. As the woman buries the body that night, they can’t find the body. The fact that a heart is carved under the tree where the body is buried is not known by Jen.


Some paintings are dropped off by Perez for Judy which the cops had seized from the art gallery which was used by him for money laundering. Judy starts to smash the paintings as Perez leaves. A lot of cash is also hidden in the paintings by Steve which is collected by her.

All the relationships are shaken in the finale episode of the season. The ladies are knocked off by a van and it seems that they are dead but they are just badly injured. The driver who knocked them is Ben who is drunk and he does not recognize the ladies and the ladies also don’t remember as a matter of dark shock.


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