Dead To Me: Season two SPOILER ahead! infact


“Dead to Me”, a dark comedy is scheduled to return with a bang in it’s season two.

Its arrivals for a sequel was affirmed in June 2019 itself.


After a widely praised season one run and nominations for the Emmy awards taken care of, the show was pretty much an obvious choice for a sequel.

Here is a gander at what we most certainly know already about season 2 of Dead to me.

Predicting it’s date of release, it is yet unknown.

Although it is for sure that the series will make a return in 2020. According to the fan, the show will be back somewhere in the summer of after in 2020.

The cast of the show will have the following lead characters.

Christina Applegate, playing the role of Jen and Linda Cardellini, appearing as Judy are all ready to return as everyone’s favourite characters from the deprived wives’ support group.

In light of present conditions, other members of the cast appear that they will most likely return in the new version for the Netflix Original too.

Natalie Morales was declared to participate as a common character called Michelle in October 2019.

There’s a lot that can be expected from Season 2 of Dead To Me.

Liza Feldman, the creator in an interview in 2019 with Glamor , referenced that this season, things might not be looking up for Judy.

Naming up the coming occasions as “grim,” Liza’s announcements have given the hint that this season might have a more serious inclination to it.

In a significantly more hilarious tone, it was added that she might want to proceed with the show as long as possible.

However, fans’ speculations have been seething wild on the web.

This and more is yet to be seen and speculated.

Make certain to make up for lost time with this series on the off chance that you haven’t watched it yet or rewatch it to stay connected with what is going to be in Season 2!