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Dead to Me Season 2 – Every detail you should know

Name: Dead to Me

No. of Seasons: 1

Created By: Liz Feldman

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Starring: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, Sam McCarthy

Dead to Me Season 2 – Every detail you should know


The first season of Dead to Me is known for the turns and twists contained in this series. According to some of the reports, season 2 will be consists of half an hour time episodes. This news is according to Netflix. But if you have watched dead to me season 1 then, you should know that, in season 2, every episode will be as important as another.

In this fast forward season, every episode will be containing some sort of surprises. In the last season, the surprise was the arrival of Katey Sagal as a cameo. Note that, in the series, Katey Sagal is playing the role of the mother of Judy, who is played by Linda Cardellini. She only appeared when she visits the waiting room of the prison.

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Katey Sagal – The whole truth

But we assume that Katey Sagal would be a big character in the story. There is a possibility that in the Season 3 story, there will be a return of the character of Katey Sagal and she will meet the lead character, Jen Hardling who is played by Christina Applegate. You must have seen this pair in the other show, Married… With Children.

One of the interviews with the TV line, the creator of the series, Liz Feldman gives us the hint that the character of Katey Sagal might be very important for the series. She said that they knew that before this season, they were going to introduce the character of Judy Hale’s mom, but for now, they required a perfect storyline and a script for introducing this character.

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Character for Judy’s Mom

She added that she needs that type of character which is a look-alike of Judy. The reason for that is we could feel that the particular character is Judy’s mom. Also, we need a character that could do comedy scenes as well rather than serious ones. When someone asks about the Katey Sagal, she laughs and said that it is too ironic.

Replying to the question she said that it’s insane and she loves that. And adding to that she said that it was only just wonderfully ironic. In the year 2017, once Katey Sagal said to ABC News about her character in Married… With Children. She said that they had very great chemistry in that.

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