DC wasted Titan season 2 team’s biggest comic Villains


*This post contains spoilers of Titans season 2 finale ‘Night wing’*

Now that the DC Universe’s Titans season 2 is over, it is only justified to say that the show has managed to mismanage the greatest villains from the classic comics.


It has left the show in an uncertain state heading into season 3 with a small possibility that some of these beloved bad guys may return in the future.

Season 1 was set around the introduction of inter-dimensional demon Trigon and a team of misfits coming together under the command of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, to try and protect Rachel Roth (aka Raven) from her father and his followers.

Although they failed miserably as their inner darkness preyed on them and into Trigon’s control, Rachel defeated her father on her own. It was a confusing sequence in Titans season 2 premiere which ultimately highlighted the power of friendship winning out over fear.

Titans season 2 introduced Dr. Arthur Light, aka Doctor Light who possessed the ability to control light in all forms. Doctor Light was, without a flicker of doubt, very powerful in terms of raw energy but his portrayal in comics has ranged from a cruel mastermind to a bumbling buffoon.

Titans’ Doctor Light proved to be the latter as he was easily overpowered and out witted by Jason Todd, until he was killed off by Deathstroke for being the detrimental aspect to his plans.

However, it was Titans’ handling of Deathstroke that turned put to be the biggest disappointment. Esai Moracles portrayed Slade Wilson as a menacing figure while the show writer’s drafted an origin story of Death stroke that was the most comics-accurate adaptation in history. Unfortunately, the character deteriorated as season 2 progressed with the plot inconsistency on whether Deathstroke’s grudge was focused upon Dick Grayson or the Titans team in general.

Titans — Ep. 212 — “FAUX HAWK” — Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ultimately, he was stabbed through the hearth by Rose within the first 10 minutes of the season 2 finale. This provided an extremely anti-climatic ending for an unevenly handled character and the greatest Teen Titans villain ever.

Although, provided the strength of Slade Wilson’s healing factor, there is a prospect of him returning in the future. While, Trigon may return from being banished by Raven.
Either way, these villains’ first outings on Titans proved to be quite underwhelming.