DC Movie Future Explained : Every New Reveal About Upcoming Slate


The future shines very brightly for the franchise because the DC movie universe is doing a lot of changes. When it comes to live-action films, DC does not have good luck. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad both films not doing well with critics. Wonder woman of Patty Jenkin’s was a hit movie of box office and was praised by critics. After the release of Aquaman DC is ready to start the new era of films.

WB Met JJ Arams & Michael B. Jordan About Supreman

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The DCEU has a superman that is Henry Cavill, who played the role in three films. However, in September, the rumor was being spread that Henry Cavill had left DC’s universe, but it was not confirmed. In an Interview, Cavill said that he has not given up on the role.

The Batman Will Feature Arkham Asylum(But Isn’t Set There)

The Batman

Fans have been observing The Batman will be based on Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s limited comic book series The Long Halloween. In that storyline, there was a serial killer named Holiday who hunted Falcone and his family.

Geoff Johns is Writing Lantern Corps Script By End of 2019

Lantern Corps

DC has been especially careful about The Green Lantern character after the failure of the live-action film in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds. There is still a lot of work to do for the film to finally happen. Greg Berlanti as a producer there is also the Green Lantern TV show which could lead to his involvement in the film.

The Flash & Aquaman 2 Won’t Film Until 2021

The Flash & Aquaman

The Flash is also in between development for a couple of years in DC just as Green Lantern. The Flash was announced in 2014 and got a release date in 2018. After many attempts by rewrites and various directors joining and dropping, Andy Muschietti was announced as the final director and Christina Hodson as a screenwriter.