Dark Season 3 The Ending Has Been Explained, What Happened In The Ending Of Season 3?

Dark Season 3

Dark Season 3 is full of bootstrap paradoxes. This is undoubtedly one of the best shows and all-time favorite Netflix original series for the fans.

When the show was released for the first time it got a really good appreciation from the viewers and also gained a good fan base since then. This show represents the very first German Original show which is produced for Netflix.


The co-creator of this famous show is Baran bo Odor and along with him Jantje Friese, Baran also serves as the director of the famous show.

Here do have to notice that both of them have done their job well that is why the show has a good fan-base.


The third season of the show begins with Martha from an alternative world where she is rescuing Jonas from his and bringing to her world.

Dark Season 3

In this kind of alternative reality, Jonas does not even exist, because Mikkel has not time-traveled. But, then this reality suffers from the very same time anomalies and also is about to face the same kind of apocalypse as his.

Then as the season goes further, we find out that both Jonas and Martha are being played or fooled by their future selves, Adam and Eve respectively. Then their playing against each other to save their world is what keeps the time loop intact.

What Happens In the Ending?

After the fan sees that Jonas and Martha make the necessary sacrifice and they put a full-stop to all-time travel, many of the other characters disappear. Then we see that Jonas and Martha dissolve in their specific timelines.

In this show, everything is connected, so many of the other characters’ existence would be snuffed out by the action. With his family now returning to him, there was no need for Tanahaus to make his wormhole device.