Dark Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast and The Plot explained!

Dark is a thriller science fiction series of 2 seasons till now. It is confirmed that Season 3 of the series “In The Dark” is on its way. Dark is created and written by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Here’s all the news you need to know for the series upcoming season.

Dark Season 3 Release Date


The release date has been released of the series. The air date of the series In The Dark Season 3 is 26 June 2020. On the contrary, it is not confirmed that the release date would remain the same. As we all know due to Coronavirus pandemic all the movies are delayed. Delay is not yet confirmed.

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Coming to the trailer of the series. Till now, there is no official trailer of the series on the internet.

Dark Season 3 Cast

Moving to the cast of the series. The cast will include Louis Hoffman as young Jonas, Lisa Vicari as Martha, Andreas Pietschmann as older Jonas. Also, Jordis Triebel as Katharina, Lee van Acken as the woman from the future (unnamed), Mark Waschke as Noah. Others in the cast, Moritz Jahn as Magnus, Sandra Borgmann as old Elisabeth, Carlotta von Falkenhayn as Elisabeth. Dietrich Hollinderbäumer earliest Jonas, Leopold Hornung as Wöller, Nele Trebs as Katharina. Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielsen, Winfried Glatzeder as old Ulrich,and Gina Stiebitz as Franziska Doppler.

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The Plot of Dark Season 3

Talking about The Plot of Dark. Dark revolves around a boy named Jonas who gets missing. In the mission of finding the boy, four families deepest secrets from years are surfaced. Dark Season 3 will answer that, How and Where Noah disappeared? Also, the events after Noah’s disappearance will be justified.

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