Dark season 3 – Release Date, Theories, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

Dark Season 3

In December 2017, Netflix dropped its first German-language series, Dark, and it became a surprise hit almost overnight.

The series quickly picked up fans thanks to its being marketed as a European Stranger Things — a kid disappears in an eerie, suburban town, and the show is partly set in the 1980s — but it proved to be so much more than that (and nothing at all like Stranger Things).


The series from filmmaking spouses Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese is instead the nature of free will a story about the battle of good and evil and the destiny of the world.

Dark season 3 launch date

Dark season. It’s the journey’s cycle. We’d three seasons in mind once we developed Dark and we are delighted to inform you that we’ll begin shooting the next and last season in four months so we are able to deliver you, men, the last phase of Dark following the calendar year.

While a date has not been verified, many enthusiasts consider June 27, 2020, As soon as the brand new batch of episodes will be published is.

That is the afternoon of the start of the cycle, therefore it makes a whole lot of Though Netflix may think about bringing the discharge — sense Forward 1 day because the date is a Saturday and shows fall Seasons on Fridays.

Dark season 3 theories

The brains behind the series have not yet shared any Details concerning the season, but we could make some educated guesses based on what we’ve seen up to now.

We now understand That alternative realities exist, as a result of the very last moment of season two when someone who looks like Martha (“I’m not who you think I am”) rocks up and tells young Jonas that she’s not from this world.

It’s one of the most startling twists in the tale thus far, and season three, like the last, will have to clear up that and clarify where the set has gone, how that will affect the rest of the story and its characters, and just how many alternate realities (and other time-traveling devices) there are.

We also saw A middle-aged Jonas fire up a one-time travel device alongside young Magnus, Franziska, and Bartosz, along with a middle-aged Charlotte who came face-to-face with old Elisabeth (who is both her mum and her daughter) through a wormhole. Remains to be seen, where they will end up.

Then there’s Katharina, who opened the passage From the caves as the apocalypse raged above her but again, with numerous timelines at play, it is going to be fascinating to see which year she stumbles out into.

There’s also a huge question mark Is Jonas. His face is ruined after exposure and far too much time traveling to radiation, after shooting Martha, the love of his life and he has hardened.

Adam and Sic Mundus successfully caused the apocalypse from 2020 as part of their search to “liberate man in the merciless limitations of time” and”end the world as we understand it”.

Dark season 3 cast

The cast of Dark is exceptional in the sense that it is so big due to each personality using multiple versions of these (child/teen, middle-aged and older ).

There is the fact that simply because one character may have died in 1 timeline, that does not mean we will not see them.

It Was verified that Louis Hofmann (youthful Jonas), Jordis Triebel (Katharina), Lisa Vicari (youthful Martha), Mark Waschke (older Noah), Andreas Pietschmann (middle-aged Jonas) and Lea van Acken (Silja, Elisabeth’s right-hand girl in 2052–2053) will go back for season three.