Dark season 3 release date, Plot and more


Dark series is a German-based movie. The Dark series is filmed by keeping a theme as “science-fictional Theme” which draws people to watch it and later fall in love with it. Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese are the minds behind this amazing series. This science-fictional story is all about a town named “Winden” which is located in Germany. 

The story is all about the exploration of how the existential implications of time and its effects on human nature. According to sources, Dark was the only first series that was filmed and published under the category of German-language Netflix series. It debuted on Netflix on 1 December 2017. Since then it has completed with 2 seasons in total and has also renewed for the release of its new season as well. Dark Season 3 has been confirmed and will be coming on Netflix. This gets its fans excited and active.


To date, there is no official date confirmed for Dark’s season 3. According to sources, The creator of this hit series Odar confirmed on his Instagram account that the third season is “on its way to arrive in screens”. He also added that season 3 is more likely to drop in the first week of July in 2020. Which is not that far but the fans can’t wait.


Time travel is the main factor for the Dark series. Therefore, those characters who were believed to be dead on screen can return in some way. The audience can expect the returns of Louis Hofmann as Jonas, Lisa Vicari as Martha, Andreas Pietschmann as older Jonas, Moritz Jahn as Magnus, Gina Stiebitz as Franziska, Paul Lux as Bartosz, Jordis Triebel as Katharina, Maja Schone as Hannah, Karoline Eichhorn as Charlotte and Mark Waschke as Noah.


The plot and release date for the new season is kept as a secret as there are no story details that have been officially revealed. In a scene during season 2, Martha came to save Jonas from the Winden nuclear power and stacked him away to safety and said that she was from a different timeline. However, there is no official confirmation been given regarding the release of several Episodes for Dark Season 3. The number of episodes will come somewhere between 8 to 10 episodes. The first season began with 10 episodes in total, while Season 2 was trimmed down to 8 episodes in total.


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