Dark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and every other details


Dark Season 3 Updates: The first german thriller drama series produced by Netflix. First, two seasons of this amazing mysterious drama turned out to became a mega-blockbuster on the screens of Netflix.

The story revolves around an awkward cave which knots the present time to 1986 of the same town. Some awfully puzzled events mix up the relationships between different families and the story continue to go in greater and mysterious depth. Now, fans are super hyped for the next season.


Release date of Dark Season 3

Dark Season 3

There isn’t any confirmation from the Netflix regarding the premiere date of the show. But fans have been doing calculations that maybe Netflix releases the show this year on 27th June. In the storyline of the show, 27th June is allotted as the day of Apocalypse. There are chances that show may release on that date. But considering the current Covid-19 pandemic around the globe, the production of the new season may have been paused. Till now even the trailer isn’t out. Let’s hope the speculations of fans become true and we watch the mind-blowing thriller on 27th June.

The casting of Dark Season 3

The main cast of the season is going to be same from the previous seasons. We might get to see new characters from another world or from a different timeline.

The storyline of Dark Season 3:

Different timelines and their characters were introduced in the previous season. With so many characters and timeline, the whole thing is turning into a mystery. The trailer isn’t released yet and without that, we can’t predict what is gonna happen in the next season. But one thing is sure that this season will be the darkest season of the series dark and we will see some astonishing incidents in the upcoming season.