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Dark Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Story Lines And Everything You Want To Know

Dark Season 3 is a German science fiction thriller web TV series.  The series dark is created and directed by Baran bo Odar and co-created by Jantje Friese. The original network of this series is Netflix and its original language is German.

This series has 3 seasons with 26 episodes where season 1 has 10 episodes and season 2 and 3 have 8 episodes. This is really an interesting series with excellent story content. Like all other series, these series have also separate titles for each episode.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

Dark Season 3 Cast, Release Date, Story Lines And Everything You Want To Know-

Dark has the 3 seasons and the team decided to end this series with 3 seasons. The first season of this series premiered o 1st December 2017, the second season on 21st June 2019, it released with the teaser on the German Face book pages and Netflix on 20th December 2017. The story has come to an end after season 3.

The Cast Of The Show

Some of the main characters of this series are Jonas Kahnwald, Michael Kahnwald, Hannah Kahanwald, Ines Kahanwald,  Sebastian Kruger, Daniel Kahnwald, Martha Nielsen, Magnus Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, Katharina Nielsen, Mads Nielsen, and more characters are also included.  This series has three family trees which are very large to explain so I have shortlisted their names in the above lines.

Storyline Of The Show

In the German town of Winden, two young children vanishing that brings a break in the relationships and there lives four families with double lives and also the dark past, revealing the secret that spans four generations. This story fully explains the time traveler and confused teenagers. The second season reunites the family with love.

And the third and final season introduces a new world after the apocalypse in2020, four families that introduce events that interconnected with that first world.  Those characters are involved in the repeating cycle of events in Winden across the two worlds.


The dark series production from the world’s leading TV network in German.  Now this series is available on Netflix who are all seeking to watch this can watch through Netflix.  So letz enjoy by watching this twisted series. This series ended with a beautiful story.

I hope that I have given all useful information about this series and stay tuned for more updates



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