Dark Season 3 Cast, Release Date, Expected Plot and Much More to Know


Here’s all you need to know about Dark Season 3

Dark is a renowned German science fiction thriller web television series co-created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It first premiered on Netflix in December of 2017 and thanks to it’s mysterious and intriguing storyline it has been extremely popular and has a huge fan base.

It is a family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a small German town.

It shows how the life of people in this small German town flip inside out when two children go missing! Slowly in due course of time town’s sinful past is exposed along with the dual lives and tainted relationships that exist among four families as they search for their kids.

Moreover, we are introduced to a mystery puzzle filled with twists that involve a web of curious characters, all of whom are somehow connected to the town’s troubled history. It even includes supernatural elements that can be traced back to 1986!

Needless to say, this German web series has been the talk to the town and fans were overwhelmed with happiness and joy when they found out that Netflix will be renewing the series for a third season.

Fans have theories of their own some believe that season 3 might finally reveal whether Jonas will be able to stop the apocalypse and break the cycle.

Director Baran Bo Odar shard a few images teasing details of what people might expect. Moreover, the new season will likely reveal where exactly Martha and Jonas disappeared and what happened to Willer’s eye.

Dark Season 3 Cast

The series stars Louis Hofmann ,Andreas Pirtschmann ,Dietrich Hollinderbaumer ,Dann Lennard Liebrenz , Lisa Vicari ,Morti Jahn , Morris Triebel, Oliver Masucci, Winfried Glatzeder , Gina Stiebitz, and Paul Lux.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

Netflix is yet to confirm a release date for the series but following the pattern of the last two seasons, it is believed that series won’t premiere until early 2021.


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