Dark Desire: When Season 2 Will Release, And What We Know So Far


Dark Desire Season 2: Updates, Another region where good shows have started to come to is Spain. Now Netflix is releasing many Spanish TV shows. One such thriller show is the ‘Dark Desire’ or in Spanish ‘Oscuro Deseo’. This show is created by Leticia Lopez Margalli. The show has a nice blend of mystery, drama, and thriller. Recently the first season of this series was released on 15 July 2020. Most of the shooting of this show was done in Mexico City.

The first season of ‘Dark Desire’ has a total of 18 episodes of 30 minutes each. So most of the audience hasn’t fully watched it. This series is still under that phase where one starts to watch a new series and if he/she liked the series then they recommend to others. Though, the initial ratings of ‘Dark Desire’ are only 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

But since this series is just released these ratings are likely to change. Those who have watched the first season are wondering whether makers will release another season or not. Well, here are some details about season 2 that you need to know.

Season 2: What Can Be The Release Date?


Netflix follows a certain policy to renew any series. They wait for the stats of audience reach and also the reviews. If the series successfully attracts high no. of the audience then it will surely get another season. As mentioned above, ‘Dark Desire’ has just released. Netflix will wait for almost 1 month to see the response of the audience. If the series attracts a considerable amount of audience, then Netflix will renew this with Season 2.

Other than that, we will also have to see what the makers of this series think about the second season. If the makers don’t wish to make or if they face any trouble with season 2 then also the second season will not be released. If the ‘Dark Desire’ gets green light for Netflix and if makers are ready to work on Season 2, then it will be surely released.

Let’s wait and see what happens!


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