Robert De Niro is a long-time friend of Aiello; he tells some source that he is very deeply saddened to hear his long-time friend passed away. He said that he knew him for almost 50 years and he is very sad for him; he also said that he would see him in heaven and in a better place.

Cher tweeted saying goodbye to his old friend, and he also said that he was a very good actor; he was also a genius comedic actor who had done very good roles. He entertained his fans a lot made them laugh and many more. He made moonstruck. Cher said that it was one of the happiest times in his whole life, and he was very proud that he was part of that Happy life. At last, he said goodbye, Johnny Cammareri.



There were so many tweets and so many messages from actors and actresses about his death that he passed away. He was such a great actor. Most of them were very much sad about his loss, and they will always be.

The veteran actor Danny is very much known for his scene-stealing supporting roles in many acclaimed movies since the 70’s died Thursday night some source tells us.

According to his family, Danny passed away at a medical place in New Jersey, where the actor was being treated for a very sudden illness that he had. Some source tells us that he suffered an infection related to his treatment. His family had come to visit him that day, and that was on Thursday, and we are told that he shortly died after they left that evening.

Danny was a native New Yorker, and he broke into movies in the very early ’70s by landing a small role in the Robert Di Niro baseball drama, “Bang the Drum Slowly.” The actor followed it up by playing Tony Rosato in the famous “The Godfather: part 2” in which the actor delivered the famous line, “Michael Corleone says, Hello!”