Dad Of 9-Year-Old Trampled At Astroworld Praying For Miracle: ‘Bring Us Ezra Back’

The father of a 9-year-old boy who was gravely hurt during the Astroworld Festival stated he never imagined the current situation.

Little Ezra Blount is on life support right now, and there aren’t many options for saving his life.


Treston Blount’s smartphone footage shows him and Ezra travelling through the Astroworld dome. “He was ecstatic. He was all set to leave “Treston stated.

The dad of a 9-year-old boy who was seriously wounded at the Astroworld Festival said he never predicted the situation they are in now.

Ezra Blount is on ventilator support right now, and there aren’t many options for saving his life.

Treston Blount recorded himself and Ezra walking through the Astroworld dome on his cellphone. “He couldn’t have been happier. He had everything he needed to get going “Treston exclaimed.

As the countdown to Scott’s performance began, Treston carried Ezra high on his shoulders.

“The countdown began. For a little moment, everything was calm “Treston remembered. As concertgoers raced toward the venue, pushing uncomfortably into one another, excitement rapidly turned to worry and anxiety.

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“‘I can’t breathe,’ I exclaim. Others have stated that they are unable to breathe. I couldn’t think of anything else to do “Treston stated his case. Treston passed out, and Ezra collapsed to the ground. The 9-year-old was trampled because he was at the mercy of concertgoers.

As Treston regain consciousness, he was unable to locate his son. He rushed to on-site medical tents and numerous hospitals. Following the filing of a police report, he received a message from an officer that included a photograph of Ezra.

“They showed me a picture of him in the hospital. I wasn’t prepared to see him in that state “Treston’s eyes welled up with tears.

Treston found that young Ezra’s primary organs had been destroyed, his brain was swelled, and he was on life support when he arrived at the hospital.

“I can tell he was hurt,” Treston added.

Treston, who had previously attended an Astroworld Festival, said it was nothing like what he witnessed on Friday.

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