We came to know by some source that Dababy has been arrested for battery in connection to the robbery investigation. His bond has been set at around one thousand and five hundred thousand dollars. Some sources with direct knowledge tell us that, the victim in the alleged robbery is a good concert promoter. We have been said that he was meeting up with Dababy and his crew to pay for the gig, and then the rapper believed that the promoter had shorted him by several thousand dollars.

The rapper got hauled away in handcuffs, and it is because the cops wanted to hear what he had to say about the robbery the source told us. The rapper has been taken to the police headquarters in Miami for the questioning part by the detective regarding a robbery on Thursday around 12:30 PM. There were seven cops on hand when Dababy was caught and cuffed.



There is a video that has been given to the social media anyone can check it out. In the video, you can see that some guys have been told that they are the members of Dababy crew jumping a man and apparently taking the money and possibly some other property as well.

It has been a very rough day for the rapper, the rapper was just arrested last week in Charlotte, North Carolina after the rapper performed at the Bojangles’. The rapper was cited for marijuana possession, but the rapper claims he was targeted and claimed on the whole social media that the police harass him every time he comes to his home estate.

The rapper said that around fifteen cops swarmed his vehicle once he left the venue, they searched it and they found weed. The CMPD had launched the internal affairs investigation to determine if the officers were followed by department policies during the whole incident.