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Cursed Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Cast Info, Plot, And Other Detail




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Cursed Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Cast Info, Plot, And Other Detail, On the date of March 28, 2018, there has been an announcement by Netflix then we will get a fresh drama series based on America in the year 2020. The storyline of this series will be based on a forthcoming illustration Novel which has the name as Cursed.

This novel is written by two persons known as Tom Wheeler as well as Frank Miller. Also, it was concluded that the capacity of Cursed Season 1 would be 10 episodes.

Cursed Season 1: Information

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Cursed season1-

If we go according to the developers of this show, this plot we get. The basic storyline revolves around Nimue, who is a teenage girl. She has got a great talent for making her destiny amazing but it comes with serious tragedy known as Lady of the Lake. After the incident of her mother’s death, she met a young mercenary named Arthur.

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The main objective of Arthur is to find a quest that has an ancient sword. He was finding it to give it to Merlin who is the wizard.

As we move further, we can see a protagonist, basically a female. She finds herself fighting with a king named King Uther. Note that this king rules over her place. She was also fighting with Red Paladins.

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With these details, we say that the show will be fast with the story. If they leave, they can get lost over the story of Cursed.

Cursed Season 1: Cast

Cursed season1-

Till now, the full cast is not released. But some of the main characters are announced by Netflix and for this, there have been some choices. The role of Nimue will be played by Katherine Langford. Note that this actress has performed the role of Hannah Baker in a very famous Netflix show known as 13 Reasons Why. Devon Terrell plays the character of Arthur.

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The actor who will be playing as Merlin is Gustaf Skarsgard. Daniel Sharman will be playing the role of Weeping Monk.

Cursed Season 1: Release Date

For now, Netflix had not announced any release date for Cursed Season 1. But the producers have given us the hint that it will be released in the year 2020.

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