Crisis on Infinite Earths: How Marv Wolfman Fit Into the TV Crossover


There are no new episodes of the Arrowverse show for a few other weeks while The CW and other TV networks make their way through the holiday hiatus schedule. But when the fan-favorite superhero universe returns on January 14, it will come with a double title of the new episode (Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), which will come through nearby to “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Originally teased in the first episode of The Flash, “Crisis on Infinite Earth” is the crossover that everyone knew was coming. At the close of last year’s “Elvesorus” program, a title card also announced it.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths,” an adaptation of DC’s biggest crossover event, is without a doubt the biggest thing Arrowverse has done to date. And one of the best things for comic fans? Crisis on Infinite Earth writer Marv Wolfman, who composed a maximum of 12-points with artist George Peres, will step in to write an Arrow episode with Marc Guggenheim, Schr√ľner, and co-creator of Arrow’s “Crisis”.

Wolfman said Arrowverse was the show’s longtime watchdog, but more than that, he was happy to find a safety net because everyone else was involved with the “crisis”.

Guggenheim stated that Wolfman had worked, though and that there were very few in both the comic and TV episodes that needed to replace Marv through his part. However, he was happy to have Wolfman on board for Crisis, as he knows how important it is for fans to see it well. The first 100-page giant micro-series of the two-part Crisis on Infinite Earths is now available at Walmart stores. Next month, a second issue will be available at Walmart and the story itself will make its way into the comics direct market.


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