Crash Landing On You Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Other Details

Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You is a South Korean season which was released last year. The show gained huge popularity soon after the release it. it has been well received by both the audience as well as the critics too. According to IMDb, the show has got a rating of 8.8 out of 10 which is a great number. And more than 97 percent of the viewers have liked this romantic show. It is definitely worth watching.

The story revolves around beneficiary and the fruitful CEO Yoon-Se Ri, who one day winds up arriving in North Korea after a tempest blew her to the nation while paragliding. Then she meets and begins to look all starry eyed at Captain Ri Jeong while covering up and becoming acclimated to their traditions.

What follows is a test of skill and her endurance as she attempts to escape back to her nation with the assistance of her new companions as she also faces numerous obstructions and difficulties too. On her route, she makes some exceptional kinships that will transform herself into manners she never thought conceivable.

The Release Date Of Crash Landing On You Season 2

Crash Landing On You-

The producers have not re-established the show for their second season. Yet, after survey the ubiquity of the show, we can anticipate the second season. Since the show concluded on Feb 2020, so it might take some time for the producers to think of the second season of the show.

The Cast Of The Show

Hyun Bin, Child Ye-jin, Kim Jung – Hyun, Park Hyoung – Soo, Hwang Woo – Seul – Hye, Kim Yeong – min, Choi Dae – hoon, Soe Ji – Hye, Nam Kyung – up, Yoon Jimin, Goodness – man – Seok, Go Kyu – Pil, Lim Chul – Soo, Blast Eun – jin, Tang Joon-sang, and Ha Seok – jin.

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